You always have guidance

October 21. 2023

You always have guidance. As you move through your physical life experience, you discover that guidance has always been internal and only requires your willingness to listen and time to believe it. 

We will give you our message from three years ago, which will impress upon you how much you know. 

October 21, 2020

You and your world will evolve when you change. We wanted Roger to use a title that would shift the responsibility of the world’s condition to you so you might begin to grasp the enormous power you hold. Yes, we are speaking directly to you. And, of course, Roger will get over his embarrassment and share a story that will aid you all.

During your world’s current restructuring, you each had a role to play, and that role would inform your individual evolution or progression, which must manifest its results in your world. There is not one of you more powerful than another, but none of you believe that entirely, leading to the current conditions you observe in your world. You think someone else has something you need when, in fact, what you need has been within you all along. If you were to harness that, you would lack for nothing, have an abundance of money, and a feeling of complete fulfillment. But you didn’t think you could do that.

We told you of Roger’s recent discovery of his connection to his great-grandfather, which Roger felt informed the work he was here to do, and many of you are connecting to your ancestral roots for various reasons. Even though Roger felt that confirmation, he immediately began to doubt himself and attempted to resort to his old behavior as you have done many times. We told him that would not happen this time.

Each choice you will make in your life will always be between love and fear. Here is the part we have not told you. You will only make those choices within yourself, and it is not up to us to tell you what that might be, but if you are honest with yourself, you know what it is, just as does Roger. When you choose love, you choose yourself, and you and your world evolve. You are that powerful. 


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