The savior is you

October 18, 2023

The savior is you. We know some will have difficulty with that statement since you have assigned the responsibility for your life and world to those outside yourself. We have advised you that the salvation you seek is within you. 

Our message has been the same as any other ascended master, but you don’t necessarily hear or accept that belief as a collective society and civilization. But today, you can listen to us.

We mean that in two ways. First, we revisited a message we provided three years ago on this date. You have each grown in awareness over time. Secondly, our messager and his team placed it in a video so you will hear us. 

Examining your world and life today will inspire you to take more action. That action is to recognize your importance, love who you have become, and release any negativity you have held about yourself and others. Then, restructuring you and the world we have said you are experiencing will be aided. 


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