You are creating a new world

October 17, 2023

You are creating a new world. We used the word creating, for we want you to recognize your active participation. 

No matter what you may experience in your outside world, your contribution will be the result of how it turns out. None of you have more ability than another to perform this task, but you do require reminders along the way, and we have given you all of them during this restructuring. Please embody the one we provided on this day in 2012. Nothing is accidental, especially you.

October 17, 2012

Decide to continually hold the vision of who you desire to be. As you move through your physical life experience, you often require some motivation to create or manifest what you desire. The vision of that, in all its aspects, will help you find that motivation.

You must not limit that vision or think you must know precisely how it will all occur. The only thing that is truly important for you is your imagination. Your imagination is much more powerful than you usually acknowledge.

As you decide to embark on this particular journey and process, you will also find the happiness and joy in your life increasing.


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