Your anger, judgment, and hatred might be old

October 19, 2023

Your anger, judgment, and hatred might be old. Every soul is born with embedded beliefs and ideologies that may not serve them now as your planet is moving through a restructuring.

We provided a message three years ago that will aid you now as you experience more conflict.

October 19, 2020

Your pain is not new. You will gain some comfort through this message, and if you are diligent about genuinely desiring to understand what we are about to give you, your life will be easier to traverse. 

We have said you are currently experiencing a restructuring of the world you knew, which begins with each of you. You decided to be alive to aid you in your evolution. It will be different for each and the same. We love our cryptic sentences, but that is one you will come to understand. 

One of Roger’s “issues” has been guilt, and we must say it has been typically artificial guilt, which he could not explain most times. Roger made an error in his email to his family and had horrific guilt episodes that bothered him all night. Last night, we told him to use one of our techniques, “sit in it.” 

What we meant by that is, at times, you do not know the origin of some of the difficulties you experience because they are quite old. We have said you have connections to your ancestors that continually surface for their release; using our sit-in-it technique will make sense.

We had Roger observe an explanation about climate change that can apply to Roger’s condition and your world. You can easily understand the importance of not leaving a child in a hot car. The science has told you that when hot air cannot escape and is trapped inside a vehicle, it will be harmful and kill the child. 

You have been that child; you placed yourself in the car, allowed the heat to accumulate, and almost killed yourself. You collectively have done it over lifetimes, so also apply this analogy to your planet. But using it for yourself will be more helpful. Allow yourself to breathe who you are.


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