You can change your life and world

October 16, 2023

You can change your life and world. They are not separate. As you view them both today, the message we provided three years ago will make sense, and its implementation into your life and world will only depend on your belief. 

October 16, 2020

No one has ever controlled you, but you have allowed yourself to be controlled. We speaking to each of you for your purpose and intention in living a physical life experience was so you might experience that dominion over things material of which you were taught. Because you are an eternal being, you do not accomplish this all at once. We know the references to other lives may be challenging.

We keep speaking about your world’s current restructuring because you wanted to be here to aid your evolvement. You each are doing that for your reasons personally, and all of them are necessary and valid. The part you have trouble with is they are all correct for each of you. Without contrast, you would not come to know yourself or evolve.

We had Roger study centuries of history to understand that this is the process humanity uses to evolve. It will make sense when you contemplate that sentence over the next few weeks. 

You can blame others, the government, the pandemic, or others for your current state of affairs, but that is not empowerment and is not why you chose to live. Each of you will find that for yourselves, and now we can let Roger say, “now I will be successful.” His example will inspire you, and you will be fine. 


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