You are different and the same

October 15, 2023

You are different and the same. That statement is one we have given you repeatedly, but it is also one that you come to understand and accept individually and eventually collectively.

It has been the most significant dilemma in your life and world, and you use your consciousness to accept it for yourself and in that moment, you discover your life purpose, and you can provide that information to others, for that is how you evolve in your life and then the world follows suit.

That awareness comes to you using your linear time, but we are not that restricted and pointed out your hypocrisy three years ago. It is that you are told you hold all power and simultaneously deny you possess it. That behavior allows you and your world to remain in chaos, but this restructuring could have you resolve your inner conflict. 

Here is a portion of that message, and if you combine it with our live talk yesterday, you will be further in your evolution and that of your planet.

October 15, 2020

Roger lived a life with more illnesses and physical difficulties than most and has “somehow” managed to move through them despite his chronological age. Why would he not speak on this? Now you understand the hypocrisy of which we spoke. You each have it, as does your world, but the good news is your current restructuring is causing you and the world to adjust as Roger is now. 

Roger will release his online program, and he wants it to provide others with the tools to reach a state of empowerment in their lives, which cannot occur if you disown any part of yourself. We are whispering to you and the United States. Yes, we are creative. 


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