This message will not be lost on you

October 10, 2023

This message will not be lost on you. We provided it three years ago, but your awareness has grown, and what you have witnessed in your life and world would have you receive it now. 

October 10, 2020

If you were to do your job, the world would evolve. We wanted Roger to use words that might cause you to stretch your imagination, as we have been doing with Roger. We have spoken continually of restructuring your world, but please understand this is about your restructuring.

You may not believe you’ve lived before, but you can review your “current” past history and notice all the things you failed to achieve, accomplish, or even entertain the idea you might do whatever you could envision. That scenario is why you decided to be alive now during this period in your world’s history. Now, we will give you a story that may influence your belief.

We led Roger to several videos that seemed new to him and familiar at the same time. Then he began making the connections, which you all can perform. First, we had him think of the religion into which he was born, Christian Science. Then, we told him to examine the combination of those two words. Next, we had him observe the world now, and Roger knew his former “training” was becoming useful. 

But we also told him that was only a stepping stone as there was more he was to do. Roger could not accept that, as you have not accepted some desire you have held. You were given this lifetime to help you. 

When you decide to take that next step, you will come to understand your importance in the world now, and doing so will aid the evolution of all, and then you will also be happy as Roger is now. While the world’s conditions have not changed, his belief in his role has, and because of that, you all will benefit because you will be inspired to discover your value and worth now. 


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