Your talent will change everything

October 11, 2023

Your talent will change everything. You each come to the physical plane with gifts and talents to be unearthed at the right time in your life and that of your planet. 

While you may not recognize and own them immediately. When you are reminded, as we will do today, you might do as we have advised our messenger. Your world needs you now. 

October 11, 2020

Nonresistance is much easier. We have been sending so much information to Roger that he doubted he could interpret it accurately. He, like you, continually doubts what he is capable of achieving. You will all be impressed by how we tie so much together in this message.

We have told you of the restructuring of your world, you as the individual, your connections to your ancestors, past lives, and even civilizations, all complex concepts to understand or attempt to accept while you are in human form. This morning, we awakened Roger with the words from his grandmother, “All is well.” 

His mother told the story to Roger of his mother attempting to reach her mother before her death but could not do so before his grandmother’s passing. Roger’s mother’s last telephone conversation with his grandmother was those words; all is well. Roger wondered how his grandmother could know that, as she had known so much that Roger admired but could not comprehend entirely until now. 

We have also spoken of Roger’s admiration for Martin Luther King, Jr., but today, we told him to go deeper, as many of you are doing. We said to look at Martin Luther. It never dawned on Roger to investigate that connection, and even a glimpse of that material began to make the connections between Roger’s life, his grandmother, and King, Jr.

We said nonresistance is easier because each of you has been resisting the gifts, talents, and abilities with which you were born. But do not judge yourself, for that is counterproductive and indicates you have yet to accept the process of evolution. Contemplate that sentence for greater clarity. 

Please apply what you gather from this message to your world now, for your practice of nonresistance will aid evolution. 


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