You are the answer

October 9, 2023

You are the answer. That answer you have sought for any challenges or difficulties you might have experienced in your life or witnessed in your world is within you.

You come to the physical plane at the perfect time for your unfolding and that of your planet. But you must use your physical resources of consciousness, energy, and linear time to allow that ascension to manifest within you and your world.

We provided a message in 2009 on this date that will aid you today and the rest of this week. It is also the reason for our live conversation with you on Saturday. You stand at a pivotal place in your life and world; all you need is to love yourself and do your job.

October 9, 2009

Your only “job” is to live and experience your physical life journey fully. Sometimes, you get distracted and mistakenly believe that part of that job is to help others live theirs. You can never accomplish that, and your efforts in that direction are always futile.

While that may temporarily distract you, it never serves your ultimate goal of expansion. All your relationships, interactions, and associations with others are always meaningful and purposeful, or they would not be there.

However, their purpose is merely to provide a context to choose who you desire to be and how you desire to live your life. You soar when you let down your judgments and barriers to this information.


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