You have been prepared

October 8, 2023

You have been prepared. You were ready before your birth, and you use your physical life experience to remember that preparation, which is your connection and importance to all that is.

No matter what may appear before you in your life or world, your remembrance of the power within you is ignited when you decide to love yourself.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring on your planet, which means what you can offer will make all the difference. But first, you must become willing to release the old and embrace the new, and you will accomplish that by forgiving yourself for anything you have not done or believed was a mistake. 

None of that was accidental, and neither are you. When you view the message we provided ten years ago without any self-judgment, your contribution to the ascension of your life and world will be enhanced exponentially. 

October 8, 2013

As you move through your physical life experience, you are continually remembering who you truly are. This is another way of thinking about the expansion you seek.

This remembering includes accessing and actualizing your talents and abilities and your innate worth.

You inadvertently will allow situations and events to show up in your life that will cause you to do this. 

Some of your actions and things you plan will also cause this to happen. Your experience of feeling stuck, frustrated, or held back in some manner is your very own call to remember who you are.

Understanding this process does not always make it easy for you, but it is also what you desire to accomplish.


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