You have more to give

March 9, 2022 

You have more to give. We know that it is you; otherwise, you would not be reading our words. You have never been in an accidental place in your life, and it was not accidental for you to be alive now during the restructuring of your world. 

You have withheld something about yourself that you judged as either inadequate, wrong, weak, or any other human judgment you have placed on your importance and why it is needed in your world now. We know the essence of who you are: a benevolent, loving being that is the energy required in your world now for this restructuring to be successful, which it will be, but your addition causes it to accelerate.

We know the current condition of your world, which is why we asked Roger to hold a live conversation tomorrow for the collective energy of those of you who come together at this time will be helpful. But you must also do what we are telling Roger: stop doubting yourself and your gift, for as we said, every human is born with one.

Roger was reluctant to look for a message we gave you all that would aid at this time. He had trouble believing he could have been the one to receive something of value which he did not know, and that is what all humans do, but there are times as now when you can let go of your old restrictions and limitations and we told you how, and you all will be fine.

April 18, 2012

There is always a way for you to accomplish anything you desire to be, do, have, or manifest, and your job is to allow that way to come to you. When you accept the belief that there is no way, you will not see it and halt your own expansion.

This is the process you decided to begin on your physical life journey, for it is the only way that you evolve or expand as you intended. It may be helpful for you to think of all the past times in your history where that way seemed impossible, and then miraculously, it was revealed to you. In actuality, it was not miraculous but a natural turn of events. 


“How to heal yourself and the help the world”

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