You will understand more today

March 10, 2022

 You will understand more today. For the last several years, we have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of yourself and your world. The current events of your world are not accidental, and you are not here accidentally. Additionally, you are complicit in allowing the events to occur. But this is also why you are alive now, and the mission you set for yourself is before you now.

We know it is challenging for many of you to believe you held a great purpose or reason for being alive, but that is what you will come to understand today after our live chat. In preparation for our hopes of breaking your disbelief in your importance in the world now, we had Roger find a message we provided to help you move through this transition.

None of you know when you are born how your gifts will unfold. Neither did Roger, which allows him to be the leader now, the role he abdicated. You have done the same with your gifts. But that was also purposeful, for your world needed you to blossom now. That is why you are viewing Ukraine. You will be fine.  

March 9, 2012

You return to Love when you discover that your state of peace is most important. In other words, there will always be events, situations, and circumstances that show up in your life that disrupt your state of peace. In those moments, you find that finding Love in the moment will cause you to return to your own state of peace, which is what you cherish most.

 It is only possible for you to create what you desire from that state of peace, and the process of finding it is what causes your expansion and evolution to continue. The concept will make more sense when you
allow it to. 


“How to heal yourself and the help the world”

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