Things will change when you decide to love yourself

March 8, 2022 

Things will change when you decide to love yourself. We are speaking of your life and world. You are born into the world at a precise time to initiate evolution for yourself, and your actions then create the world that you experience now and the one you will leave behind.

That is why you are alive now during a restructuring of your world, for you knew it would be helpful for you and all others except you had one challenge, and that was self-judgment. We have said during this period that self-acceptance would be most important, but you cannot accept that due to your continual self-doubt due to your self-judgment. We know that might sound confusing until you reread it, as we advise you to do.

In our program, we refer to your physical body continuously so you might understand that you are a spiritual being. You use your body to fulfill your soul’s plan or your divine plan, as many of you think of it. Still, particular words are never necessary for your interpretation. 

Your world is manifest by energy, as are you. Collectively you spend your civilizations coming to the awareness that you are all one, but due to the self-judgment you each have held, there became an imbalance in your world that led to the conditions you see today. You are here now to change that. As we have also said many times, you are here to usher in a new world, but that will only happen when you decide to love yourself. That was the only intention of our program.

You only have two choices now, and they are between love and fear. If you choose fear, you add to the current conditions, for you hold that much power. If you decide to love yourself, you will release your self-doubt, judgment, and any other heavy emotion you have carried about yourself. That led to the accumulated energy of inferiority your world is moving through now, but we will help, and you will be fine. 


“How to heal yourself and the help the world”

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