Just do it now

September 27, 2023

Just do it now. We are referring to a message we gave you ten years ago, but you might be more willing to embrace it now. 

Every difficulty you have experienced in your life was due to you not remembering your purpose, and we wanted you to remember it now during this restructuring. It was the reason for your birth. 

When you do what is in front of you, you will evolve, and so will your world.

September 27, 2013

Just do it. The reason that catchphrase resonates with you and so many others is because you always know on some deep level that you have been waiting to actualize the real you. You do this by constantly seeking validation or acknowledgment from others before you experience your own motivation to just do it.

It will help you to know as you move through this dilemma when you recognize that the validation and acknowledgment you seek that will truly make any difference in your life will come from you. 

While it is helpful to feel that appreciation from others, it will mean nothing to you or have any effect on your life until you decide to use it. Again, just do it.


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