You are more capable now

September 28, 2023

You are more capable now. 

We provided a message three years ago on this date, which you will understand now and implement what we suggested. You were meant to shine now. 

September 28, 2020

You never feel capable of being yourself. While that title may sound depressing, we will take it and make it the most uplifting experience you might have today. 

We have said your world and, more specifically, you are moving through a mass restructuring, and you are in this lifetime accomplishing things you had not before. That entire concept is even challenging for Roger to believe and write, even though we keep saying it to him. 

If you have followed us for a while, you might remember our story of his early days of life coaching in 1986. Roger discovered he could help others even more than himself. Roger could not believe he could do this, so he stopped. The other day, we also said that all of you are being provided a second chance, and it showed up vividly for Roger, which still didn’t mean he would accept he might be capable.

You can always “see” your resistance to becoming your best self when you become willing to acknowledge what you resist. Roger had a client experiencing doubt in their life, as are you all. Yesterday, this person sent an email requesting Roger’s help to move through this challenge finally. Because it was Sunday, Roger gave himself the excuse that he did not have to answer that, but the other part of him questioned his ability, as you are doing now.

We can make this general statement as you move through this turbulent period of your life so that you may feel that pressure to become the diamond that has always been within you. 

That cryptic sentence means that you live now to become more, and you never know how capable you are until you do what you doubt. You are looking at what you have questioned your entire life, but that is great! You can see your conscious choices before you now, and only you can decide to find out how capable you indeed are, and that will be what you accomplish in this life. 


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