Your truth can solve any problem

September 26, 2023

Your truth can solve any problem. Anything that you perceive to be a problem in your physical life experience was placed in front of you to solve so you might evolve. It is the same for you and your world.

When you remember the essence of who you are and your connection to your source, you will find the courage and ability to see the resolution, for it is always within you, and that is your authentic self.

Please use the message we provided ten years ago today as you examine your life and world, for they are the same. 

September 26, 2013

Anything you perceive to be a problem that shows up in your physical life experience does so because you desired it to appear. Your first reaction to that statement might be to attempt to reject it; however, if you decide to embrace it, you will use it for your expansion.

A problem is something that requires you to seek to resolve it. The process of resolving it or finding a solution is what causes you to expand and evolve. Most times, the nature of the problem involves your own unwillingness to guide and direct your life, and when you fail to do so, the problem is a reminder of what you are up to during your life journey.

There is no problem that shows up that does not also hold the solution within. Your “job” is always finding it.


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