Now, you will confront your biggest irony

September 25, 2023

Now, you will confront your biggest irony. We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring, and how you aid your evolution and the planetary ascension is by becoming your authentic self. 

We provided a message ten years ago on this date that will resonate with you today. It is the reason for all our work and is more critical for you and the world now. 

September 25, 2013

The biggest irony you discover during your physical life experience is that the key to the expansion you seek is being you, and the fear you hold is being you. 

Your awareness of this irony also allows you to resolve it.

You will notice that you decide to wait whenever you hesitate to do something you know you desire to do, which will further that expansion. That very waiting period is when you have allowed your life to be controlled by that fear.

Now, you will also understand that the fear is not because of who you are but what you think others will think of you. When you study this entire concept, you will find it difficult to see any exceptions to this.


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