Change can only come through you

September 24, 2023

Change can only come through you. That is any change you desire to experience in your physical life experience and that of your world. That change happens when you remember who you are and your connection to all that is. 

It also requires a reinterpretation of all you have lived and a desire to accept your abilities and power, which means changing your mindset. You do this over time. You decide when you will change and love who you are. 

We provided a message several years ago that we want you to embrace and utilize now during your time of restructuring. You have never been more important.

September 24, 2009

Change is the only constant that you seek. That statement has so much power, and as you continually unravel it, more will become evident.

If you will, your entire life purpose was always intended to be about evolvement and expansion, and it is impossible to accomplish this without change. 

Your resistance to change is always based on fear, an ego-oriented concept that never serves your purpose. Ego is merely used to refer to that part of your life experience that has already been known to you and, therefore, has already served its purpose.

The very experiences you have had then serve your evolvement and that of all others. Those experiences become purposeful when you share them, and you do this through change. More will be revealed.


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