Your instincts are always correct

September 23, 2023

Your instincts are always correct. That is the guidance you hear from your guides and through us. You come to accept and understand more as your consciousness and awareness expand.

The message we provided in 2012 was meant to aid you in guiding your evolution and that of your world. You will remember your importance and your connection to all that is.

You could not have known what was ahead for you, but we will say that once you remember and trust your guidance, you will create a different and more pleasing physical life experience and world. 

September 23, 2012

Instincts are spiritual insights given to you to help you guide and direct your physical life experience. They are never wrong, meaning those instincts would not be apparent to you unless they were leading you in a direction that would further your expansion.

When you do not trust your instincts, it is a sure sign that you are operating from some underlying fear and do not fully trust the integrity of your life experience.

At times, those instincts may lead you in an unpleasant direction; however, you always gain greater awareness and expand. That is all you ever intended.


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