Your success is at hand

September 22, 2023

Your success is at hand. When we use the word success, it indicates a feeling you have in your life of accomplishment, abundance, and contribution. We say it is at hand now because there is a portion of yourself you have yet to understand, fulfill your potential, and make an energetic shift in your life that would be felt in your world.

We said we have been guiding you through restructuring your life and world and provided messages on specific dates; the one we offered three years ago will make sense today. It would be best if you did not experience any regret, for that would be counterproductive to the change you could make now, which will be most important in your life and world.

Please study the information and take what you can now, for there will be more as there are no limits to what you can create individually and collectively.

September 22, 2020

The secret to success. We will indeed provide you with the secret you’ve sought, but you will still face the dilemma you’ve maintained and entertained for eons, and that is, will you believe it? 

This morning, we led Roger to a video of a reading of the book “The Secret Door to Success” by Florence Scovel Shinn. We have mentioned Florence before and do so again here for context. Roger knew he had read this book more than forty years ago, just as he had read other works of hers. Roger hesitated as he looked at the video this morning before deciding to listen, for he knew he might hear something uncomfortable, of course, as we have always lovingly provided. Yes, we were attempting to inject humor.

The principles espoused in the books have existed throughout your eternity. Still, you don’t understand or accept them until you have extracted the wisdom you were meant to gather in this lifetime. The essence of Florence’s book is that the secret door to success if you are willing to walk through it, is opened by your believing in yourself. That sentence is complicated, so you would reread it.

We will continue with this thread in future messages, for we want you to attempt to embody and truly feel how important you are, for that is the secret door to success, but you must open the door. 


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