You hold all power

March 7, 2022

 You hold all power. As well as all other humans, that is why you are alive now during this restructuring of your world. If you were to utilize the power you’ve been granted, the conditions you witness in your world today would begin to shift into the world you wanted to experience. There was only one challenge you have had, and that is you did not believe yourself. 

You each are born with a plan you had for yourself along your evolutionary journey, and your path is unique and has contributed to your lack of belief. You have sought to find some image outside of who you are that you were supposed to follow, and that image was within you. 

Then as you live your life, you will seek guidance and help, and you stumble upon channels such as ours. You will decide if what we say resonates with you and if so, you are hearing your higher self’s guidance, for they would never lead you in a wrong direction, but it may require time for you to accept yourself wholly, and that is what we offer and have given it to you through Roger. 

You live in a world of energy, and you are all energy. We told you that your power was in your focused attention and the quality of the thoughts you choose to hold. You each have access to power when you use your focused attention in the direction of what you desire to manifest.    

You would not be reading or hearing us unless your innate nature was to do good in the world as you might see it, but you had difficulty with that due to your perceptions of who you are and your past experiences. We tell you they were all perfect and all you need do is know why and suddenly your life changes, and so does your world.

The shift in the balance of your world is what you are here to help correct. It will be one of love, unity, inclusion, abundance for all, and a sense of individual empowerment. We know that if more of you accept yourselves, you perform an act that adds that energy of love into your world, which is the most potent force and all that is eternal. But it must begin with you, and that is the only work we have ever done and will continue to do, and you will be fine.  


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