You can make this a happy cycle

September 19, 2023

You can make this a happy cycle. We are referring to the conditions you might be experiencing in your life and witnessing in your world. You exist to make a difference, and you will do so when you remember the essence of your being and your connection to all that is. 

You hold all power, but your resistance to change has been your greatest obstacle and can be your greatest asset now. Please take the time to consider what you want in your life, allow your consciousness to accept your vision and your mission will be fulfilled. You are meant to thrive. 

September 19, 2012

Cycles are naturally occurring events in physical life experience. You might think of them as emotional cycles or ups and downs. Nevertheless, they are purposeful and valuable for you, especially when you do not resist them.

These cycles give you perspective, contrast, and also times of rest and work. They provide you with times of reflection to contemplate your physical life journey, where you have been, and where you are headed.

If you attempt to resist any particular cycle, you prolong it and might block the wisdom and knowledge you might gain. Nothing is better than the experience of a happy cycle following a difficult one.


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