No one is more valuable than you

September 18, 2023

No one is more valuable than you. If there were one central theme we would like you to receive from our work, it would be that one. When you recognize and remember that inherent truth, you will allow yourself all the abundance, happiness, and joy you are entitled to. You will see others as valuable and contribute to your intended planetary ascension.

This process takes place in your consciousness and over time. The message we provided on this date in 2012 is the one we would like you to embody today, for your energetic acceptance will aid the restructuring of your world. Your value is needed in your world now. 

September 18, 2012

Your value will only be felt by others when it is first owned, accepted, and felt by you. Many times, you go about this process backward. In other words, you seek to find your value from others or your outside world when the entire process is internal.

Your purpose is always expansion, and that expansion or acceptance of your value comes from you and through you. It is always revealed when you earnestly seek to know your value and worth.

Confirmation or acknowledgment of that value from others is always helpful and pleasing, but it does not cause your expansion. That is strictly up to you.


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