You were given the world

September 20, 2023

You were given the world. We mean those words both figuratively and literally. You were born with all the abilities and talents of every human but coming to that acceptance and understanding is a process you achieve during your life using linear time. 

We are not restricted in that manner, and we provided a message on this date in 2012 that we wanted you to absorb now, for as you do so, not only will your life and future change but also that of your planet. 

You are that essential. It takes time to accept your importance as it does in your world. Please be patient with both. 

September 20, 2012

You are who you are today because of the sum total of all your experiences, and all of them were good. Subjective words are being used here so that you might gain a deeper understanding of the concept.

They were all good because they provided you with greater awareness, wisdom, and knowledge. They were good because your entire intention in having a physical life journey was to have those experiences. You knew that physical life experience was the only way to evolve spiritually.

It matters not whether you found all of them enjoyable; they gave you greater wisdom. Your choice now is to either be grateful for all of them or mourn them. Your choice determines the quality of the rest of your life.


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