You were supposed to be different

September 17, 2023

You were supposed to be different. We mean that statement in two ways. First, who you are at your core and the life experiences you have had and will have were intended to be new and unique, and you are the only one who could fulfill that role on your planet.

The second way you were supposed to be different was so you might do more than all those who came before could have done. You will accomplish that when you love who you have become and forgive everything you may have believed about yourself that was wrong. 

Everything we have given you in our ascension guide was designed to lead you to more self-belief and love, and we did so on this date in 2012. Please suspend your disbelief about yourself and your world, for when you accept this message, you will aid your evolution and the planetary ascension. You were needed. 

September 17, 2012

Your goal is always something different. In other words, when you decided to have a physical life experience, it was with the sole intention of adding to your evolvement, that of all others, and your world at large. How you accomplish this is to create something different. There is little value in attempting to recreate what has already been done.

This also requires extreme courage on your part. As you live in your society, there is an emphasis on normality or fitting in. When you hold your belief in something different, you are going against that norm and truly creating.

This all occurs through inspiration, or accessing and allowing spiritual wisdom and knowledge to come to you.


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