You hold all power

September 16, 2023

You hold all power. We would like you to study the definition of the word power and apply all the meanings given to your life and world. Then, break that definition down into thoughts. Now, please think of the quality of your thoughts and the energy they activate in your life and world.

We will give you a message we provided in 2012 as we began guiding you through your restructuring or the planetary ascension. As you do so, you will understand that there is no power greater than love, and you hold that awareness and knowledge, and we are reminding you. 

The more of you who remember now, the better your life and world will become because it is all in your hands. 

September 16, 2012

The most valuable gift that you possess is that of conscious thought. This refers to the function of your physical brain and the operation of your spiritual mind. Because you have conscious thought, it provides you with choice. That free will of choice allows you to experience your life however you choose.

You may be tempted to think you are forced to believe a particular way because of what occurs in your physical world. However, your conscious thought allows you to experience anything you desire because you will interpret or perceive everything based on that conscious thought.

You might think back to past events that seemed horrible to you then but now have no effect. That is conscious thought.


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