You will be more courageous now

March 6, 2022 

You will be more courageous now. You decided to be alive now, for that was one of your goals. You might have thought the current conditions in your world are beyond your control to change or aid in any way, and that is where you are wrong. 

You have innate abilities within you that have been dormant, and when you experience events in your physical world, such as the many you witness now all over your world, you see why you are here now. We have said you are restructuring yourself and your world but your resistance to accepting your gift has not aided your world or your evolvement as much as you intended. 

We will use Roger as the example for that was his agreement in this lifetime. Yesterday we had him send a broadcast and video where he listed the names of those we said were contributors to our program. Like many of you, he would believe statements such as that to be nonsense, and then you continue your struggle of self-doubt. You are here now to change that belief so you might be more beneficial to yourself and the world. 

We led Roger to a video this morning that he has yet to finish, for he must integrate this aspect of his understanding as each of you will throughout this transition in your world. We told Roger to study more quantum physics or mechanics, which would provide him with more validation of our work but his resistance magically had him avoid doing so as he and probably you have done many times in your life.

The video we led him to was of Billy Carson, who Roger had never heard, and he was doing a presentation for the group Gaia. As you all are, Billy is a multidimensional being, but he decided he wanted to prove it for himself. He traveled the entire world more than 2 and 1/2 times to visit every historical place possible to add more meaning to the human experience. He wanted to bring the intersection of history, science, and spirituality to the world.

As Roger listened, he heard scientific and historical verification for everything we have ever given you. If Roger had studied all these things academically, his retelling of this information would have made sense. He would have been speaking as Billy, but Roger received this knowledge intuitively. That was where he could not accept his gift. 
We have so much more, but we must do it a bit at a time. Still, we will give you why we wanted you all to study quantum physics is that when you fully understand the power you hold in the electromagnetic qualities of your thoughts, you would change your life and help Ukraine. Still, we will continue to guide you, and you all will be fine. 


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