You have yet to fulfill your potential

September 13, 2023

You have yet to fulfill your potential. That potential is the element implanted within you at birth, and your life experiences have revealed much of what you were meant to achieve. Because you also possess free will, you are at liberty to make any choice about the life and world you want to experience and decide how willing you are to thrive.

We provided a message on this lucky day ten years ago that you would do well to implement now. It never matters what you have done previously. The life and world you desire can only be manifested now. 

You can decide to love and forgive yourself even more and aid the restructuring of your world, which is in your hands.

September 13, 2013

Recreate yourself today. This would be a good mantra for you to remember and use each day as you awaken. You have this opportunity in every moment of now, but it might be easier to fully utilize it when you use it upon arising.

It is also no accident that you can interpret that word in different ways. You can think of it as re-create, or to make new, and you can also think of it as recreation, which is precisely how you intended it to feel. 

This also serves as a reminder that when you place a playful and fun attitude in your awareness before you begin to attempt anything, the process is much more enjoyable, especially recreating you.


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