You can hear yourself now

September 12, 2023

You can hear yourself now. What you hear over time is the guidance and awareness that always exists, but you access it when it is right for your evolutionary path. 

We know it is that time for you, and now you are better equipped to accept and understand what we provided many years ago. 

There is never a time when judging yourself is helpful, but it is especially so now. The planet is awaiting your light. 

September 12, 2009

The only voice you ever desire to hear is the one voice that only speaks of limitless possibilities and potential. Any other voice that you hear can only be based on fear.

It was your intention in this lifetime to only progress, evolve, and expand, and this is not possible when you listen to anything other than the one voice.

The other voices continually cloud your perception and take many different forms. They sound like caution, being careful, thoughts of others’ opinions, possible failure or loss. All are based on the past and, therefore, have their origin in fear.

You may only hear the one voice when you deliberately take the time to listen to it, for it always exists. Now, you also understand more deeply the benefits of meditation, for then you allow yourself to listen.


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