Self-acceptance is your superpower

September 14, 2023

Self-acceptance is your superpower. It would have to be you, or you would not be reading our words as you have never been in an accidental place. You consciously decide when you hear your guidance and when you decide to accept your significance.

We provided a message on this date three years ago that you may better understand and accept now, and that process occurs in your consciousness.

September 14, 2020

Please stop minimizing yourself. Yes, we are speaking to you, and you have done this. But the good news is that is what you were meant to do in this lifetime. How could you expand, evolve, and become more unless you had minimized yourself? Now we will prove it to you.

We awakened Roger a bit earlier today, which is typically the best way we capture his attention. Many of you have questioned your sleepless nights, and most times, they occur because your guides are attempting to get you to listen to that very guidance. 

What we asked Roger was, “What is your intention?” We were speaking specifically about the webinar he is holding this Wednesday. Roger’s initial idea was to share part of his life’s journey, hoping that others would understand why he is passionate about his work. As Roger prepared his presentation, he began questioning how much he should include or reveal and how relevant it might be to his audience.

The most surprising thing about our encounter with Roger this morning is his continued blindness to what he is on earth to do, just like you. Roger said to his friend the other day, who is older and has contemplated writing about their life, and others encouraged them. Still, they felt their life experience wasn’t that significant, and Roger said everyone’s life is meaningful, and your story would help another. Each of you is supposed to do that. And Roger was attempting to make another choice and minimize himself again, as you have done. 

In the middle of his questioning this morning, an alert on his phone said, “Why I teach singing.” It was an advertisement for T-shirts, but Roger knew it wasn’t accidental and we were giving him his answer. How could he hope to explain that or fulfill his intention while minimizing himself?

Then we told him to look up the word iteration as we wanted him to study it, but Roger thought most would not understand the word, so we told him to write the definition here, and all of you will know what you are doing this lifetime. We meant every one of these words.

Iteration: the process of doing something again and again, usually to improve it or one of the times you do it.

Please note Roger did not underline those words but copied this directly. Nothing is accidental. 


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