Your history has never been more valuable

September 11, 2023

Your history has never been more valuable. That is your life history and your generational history. Both are in the process of evolving. When you reinterpret all of your histories in a manner where you unearth the wealth of wisdom and knowledge you hold, you not only accelerate your evolution but your planetary ascension.

The following message will aid you and your planet immensely, but you must be the first one to live it.

September 11, 2010

Your history was predetermined. In other words, before you came into physical form, you set forth all the conditions you knew would provide you with the greatest opportunity for expansion. Those conditions included your parents, family, friends, places you lived, and everything you can think of that you now consider your history.

Now, on the other hand, your future is never predetermined. You were also given free will of choice to use your history to create the most incredible life experience imaginable. 

There is such power and freedom in that concept that when you begin to accept it, you will also fulfill your intended desires, and those are always expansion, more life, experience, awareness, and knowledge. You get to choose.


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