You are meant to pave a better way

September 10, 2023

 You are meant to pave a better way. When we use a subjective word like better, it is intended to inspire you to feel what that would mean for you. When you become mindful of what that may be, you can manifest it in your life. 

You are doing the same in your world, and the message we provided several years ago will aid your memory of who you are and, more importantly, who you can become. 

September 10, 2011

There is always a better way available to you in order that you might accomplish anything. All you ever need do is accept this idea and offer no resistance to that information being revealed to you.

Many times, you will think that you have tried a particular way to do a thing, and because that may not have delivered the results you desired, you accepted that as your truth.

Your world always reveals to you that those better ways are being created and utilized all the time, so it is no different for you. This is another way to say that you came into physical form for expansion and that only occurs when you seek a better way.


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