A new perspective will provide greater understanding

September 9, 2023

 A new perspective will provide greater understanding.   Everything you experience in your physical life experience is done through your consciousness.

You also use linear time to accomplish that goal, which is never-ending. Judging yourself for what you did not understand about yourself does not help you become the person you want to be. You are the one creating your life and world. 

September 9, 2009

Simply become willing to be the observer of your life experience rather than a reactor to it.

In other words, you know that “You” or your Higher Self has set forth a plan for your physical life’s journey that leads you to expansion. When you become the observer, you take the stance that you do not know what is ahead in your present moment of awareness; however, you maintain a positive expectancy that it is for your highest good. 

When you have the stance of being a reactor, you simultaneously take on the role of being a victim of your experience and expecting negative things to occur. Because you create your own reality, whatever stance you take will become your truth.

Positive and negative here are merely subjective terms referring to what is wanted or unwanted by you. There is great joy in your decision of which stance to take.


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