There is always more you can do

March 5, 2022 

There is always more you can do. We do mean you and your world. It might be helpful if we give you a bit of our philosophy which we have said is the content of our program and its intention. 

Every soul has self-direction and decides on the time they might incarnate into the world at a time in human terms that would serve their expansion. You are here now to activate yours. We began working on this message last night because Roger has difficulty accepting what he has been given like you. There would be no other reason for you to be alive now, and your only decision now is if you decide to accept and actualize your inherent gift. We know each of you possesses unique talents. Because they are special, you had difficulty accepting your importance in the world now. 

We knew how you might feel today when you examined your world, but that was also purposeful for you. You wanted to develop more courage to believe in yourself. We moved Roger through his disbelief yesterday by revealing what we gave you months ago in preparation for this time in your life and world. You would also doubt yourself for you live with limited awareness. 

We told Roger to find the message we gave you in 2012 that will help you today. The disbelief you each have held is in your innate power and ability to accomplish anything you desire if you decide to accept your gift. We had to move Roger to that place first, our only intention. So he might help more of you as you are meant to help others when you decide to move closer to your gift. 

We used specific terminology in the message to make your fear of death a little more irrelevant at this juncture of your journey, and you will be fine. Roger does not know what we said, but he knows it will make sense later. You do the same thing, and you will be fine. 

“As you might call it, any tragedy that you experience personally or observe in your world can cause you to live more. All events that occur have meaning and carry a duality. When you first remember that all events are of a physical nature and occur for you and in your world, as merely a tool for you to utilize to further your spiritual development or expansion, you gain a different perspective.

Since tragedies are all physical, they are also illusions or not real. As you move to heightened states of awareness, when you experience or observe so-called disasters, you will instantly look for your own value to be gained from them. The ultimate result is that you always choose love over fear.”


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