Your gift is needed more now

March 4, 2022 

Your gift is needed more now. We continually use the word gift, for many of you have not understood that is what you possess. You are alive now, so you might decide to own yours, and your intention to be here now was deliberate.

You have held yourself back due to your lack of belief in yourself, but you also wanted that experience. If you decide to actualize who you are now and what you’ve kept hidden, your life will change, and you will make the contribution to the world you intended. 

Roger has held himself back in more ways than you can imagine, but he also knows it is more critical for him to actualize to aid others. We have spoken of money so often concerning our program, for it is the primary thing he has used to stay stuck, as you might have. But you each will find the limitations and restrictions you have placed on honoring your gift in your way, which is why we created the program. You and your world do not change quickly, so please be patient. 

We had Roger review the messages we gave you in 2012 to help you navigate this portion of the restructuring of your life and world, and we will leave it here, and you will be fine.

“Everything is in a continual state of transition. Transitions include what you can see, feel, and experience physically and all that you can think of and imagine spiritually. The evidence of this is experienced by you merely by observing your physical world.
Your difficulty, experienced by all others, is due to your own resistance to that transition. The transition is always moving in the direction of expansion or evolvement. At times, you do not comprehend this because you have a habit of judging what you observe and experience, especially yourself. 
Every war, disagreement, and illness result from resistance to transition. When you leave your physical body, you do come to know this, but you would do well now to trust this is true.”


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