Your doubt was helpful

March 3, 2022 

Your doubt was helpful. We realize you might be questioning your life and world now, but we also gave you something in our work in 2012 to aid you, for we knew it would be helpful at this time in your life and world. 

You each come to the world to evolve. And in doing so, you offer your essence to the world and facilitate the restructuring of yourself and the world at large. 

During Roger’s presentation yesterday, we had him and the group pause to send collective love to the rest of the world. We said your thoughts and intention at that moment could halt the events for a while, depending on your level of belief. 

Belief is what you struggle with, but you wanted to be alive now to enhance faith in yourself, and we will continue to help, and you will be fine. 

“Faith is being able to observe or experience something that you would initially label to be a problem or challenge while knowing there is benefit and value for you in the experience itself.

This is the essence of all physical life experiences, including your personal experience and your world at large. This concept is the duality that exists in all things physical.

You do not experience worry, fear, and anxiety when you can live in that faith. The duality itself exists because you also possess free will. That contrast then is necessary for you to have the ability to choose.

When you choose faith, you also choose your inner peace.”


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