Your purpose is before you now

March 2, 2022 

Your purpose is before you now. We know that while your focus might be on world events currently, they are occurring because they are a part of your purpose, for you could not have come to know your value without those events. You only come to understand them later. 

Today will be different for some of you, so we had Roger plan the presentation for today for more of you to understand significant social change in your world, which we have called restructuring. We used the word purpose, for we would like you to think of its meaning, which is why something exists. 

While we have said that none of you have lived this period, you have yet to fully understand and accept your importance in guiding this change. We will tell you that every change humans have made caused evolution, which occurs when more separate parts of the whole come together. That must happen first in you and then in your world. We will work with you first, and then your world will be fine.  


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