You never die before your time

March 1, 2022

You never die before your time. We understand the level of fear and uncertainty you are experiencing, and it is what you wanted and what your world needed. Those are the reasons you are alive now, and you also wanted to develop courage. There is something within you yet to be recognized by you and then offered to the world. 

We told you in our work that you would reach this place in your life where you would choose who you wanted to be, and the conditions existing in the world have brought the choice before you. That choice is being demonstrated for you on the world stage. 

Every soul is born with equal ability and power, but how you choose to utilize those things will differ, and they are all needed. Some of you believe that control over others might provide you with the power you sought. Then others thought they held no power, and therein is your struggle. 

The restructuring is for you and your world, and the choice you make now will affect the collective and change your world. You only have two choices: love or fear, as we have said. What you have feared is your inherent power, and you will move beyond your fear when you decide to love yourself, for that is your power. You have so much to offer the world and, therefore, yourself. You will be fine. 


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