You were born worthy

August 12, 2023

You were born worthy. Your worth is located within your authentic self, or your connection to all that is. You make those discoveries as you live your physical life experience, depending on your willingness to take the journey of self-discovery. 

We gave you a message three years ago on this date, and it will make more sense to you today as your awareness has grown and only requires your acceptance. 

August 12, 2020

You were born to discover your worth. We love this message so much, for it will speak to all. You are collectively discovering your worth due to your world’s conditions, but you have always done this. 

In other words, you agreed to be born during a particular time to enable you to have individual experiences that would cause you to evolve, which inevitably adds to the evolvement of all. The only difficulty you have experienced in your life is due to you not understanding and accepting the process precisely as Roger didn’t, which causes him to fulfill his purpose, as we will explain.

Yesterday, Roger had a group meeting where the topic was, “Why is change so difficult? As Roger looked at the group, he saw his purpose. Roger knew that he had experienced the fear and uncertainty many were, and because of that, when he shares his experience with others, they find solace and will offer that to others. 

It became quite apparent to Roger that his life trajectory had brought him to this moment, and he attracted all those who would benefit. None of you are in accidental places or having random experiences, including your pandemic.

We gave Roger a process some time ago that was discussed last night: “What are you hiding?” That process intends to get you to examine things you have judged about yourself, regretted, believed you did something wrong, or any other limiting thought you may have had. 

When you are no longer willing to hide those things from yourself and others, you will find your worth. It took Roger a while to find that purpose; yours will emerge at the perfect time in your life, and this current time is helping you. 


I hope you will join us for this special New Moon session.
Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together, we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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