You forgot to love yourself

August 11, 2023

You forgot to love yourself. That statement could be used as the solution to every difficulty you have experienced in your life. It is also the reason for the current restructuring of your world, and you are alive now to remember.

Everything we have given you was intended to inspire you to remember the essence of your being and reverse your self-judgment and fear about your future. You can manifest the one you want when you remember who you are.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, and as you examine your life and world now, it will motivate you to love yourself even more and to thrive. There is a momentum building in your world that you will help direct in a manner that will cause your life to become magnificent as well as your world. That is the reason for our live conversation next week.

August 11, 2012

Every attack is always against yourself. You may find it difficult at first to accept this concept, but when you become willing to do so, you will also begin to experience a peaceful life journey.

When you attack another, you often think it is with good cause; in actuality, it is because of something you do not want to do, examine, or accept. When you apply the Eastern philosophy that negotiation never fails, but you can forget to negotiate, you will find more truth in the entire concept.

All of this will also take you back to your understanding of blame. It is also a way not to take responsibility for your life experience.


I hope you will join us for this special New Moon session.
Now is the time to recognize the power within you and boldly step into your soul’s purpose. Together, we will shine bright and light the way forward.

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