You are still the solution

August 10, 2023

You are still the solution. Every soul comes to the earth plane at the right time, with everything they need to manifest a magnificent life and contribute to the evolution of your world. Still, you also require the use of linear time before you come to accept your importance and remember the essential nature of your being.

We gave you a message a year ago on this date as we would like many more of you to embody it now, for it will aid your ascension and your world, for as we always say, they are the same. 

The message is lengthy and worth it. 

August 10, 2022

You are the solution. As you examine your life and world now, you might assume that you or your world have done something wrong. None of those are true because you have yet to manifest the result. 

Please stay with us, for it will help you. You came into the world at the perfect time on your evolutionary journey so you could spiritually expand and become more. You had no idea you would end up at this place in your life, but we will tell you it is what you wanted. 

No one holds more power or ability to create your life and world than you. Yes, your choice about yourself makes your life and the world. You have difficulty believing you could be the one with a solution, but you all are, and it is only a matter of how much you will accept.

You had a job to do that would aid your world if you helped yourself first. You do that by becoming every aspect of who you are. That was why we gave you our work in 2012, but you had difficulty believing we had done so, and Roger was no different. 

You don’t know your value or what you were given to do at birth, but it does show up as you live, and you must be the one to embrace yourself without the doubt you hold.

That does take some time, but you have become more willing to listen to us. But if you had heard us or your guides, you might feel better about this time in your world. But again, as unbelievable as you believe things are now, they don’t have to be as we provided guidance, and we did it on specific days like today. Please study the entirety of this message, as it will help you over the next few days. 

August 10, 2012

The only problem that you have is judgment. This may seem like a radical statement to you, but its truths will become apparent when you examine it more closely.

It is vital that you first make a distinction between judgment and preference. When you hold a preference, it is based on whether something pleases or feels good. When you make a judgment, you do so after labeling something as good or bad. Your limited awareness does not give you the wisdom to know what is truly good or bad regarding expansion. 

All events, situations, and circumstances serve evolvement or expansion when judgment does not enter the picture.

– Wilhelm

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