Growing pains are real

August 7, 2023

Growing pains are real. You typically assign that term to your children or younger self and are also never sure if they are real or imagined. They are both, for they can only occur in one place: your consciousness. 

They never leave you while you are in physical form, for you are an eternal spiritual unlimited being, so every step you take into a higher dimension of who you are can cause you to offer resistance, for once again, you are stepping into an unknown portion of yourself. 

You never reach your ultimate self or remember and fully embody your authentic self, which would be your connection to all that is, but we are giving you and your world much-needed aid during this restructuring.

The next several days in your world might confuse you, but if you relisten to our recording last week and place the knowledge and wisdom you gained with the following message we provided in 2012, you will be fine. 

August 7, 2012

All emotional pain is self-inflicted. That statement is not meant to cause you to become defensive but to use that very concept to further your expansion.

It is not reasonable to think that you would move through your physical life journey without the experience of emotional pain; however, when you understand that it occurs because of your thinking and that its purpose is to help you, your perception changes.

When you experience that emotional pain, you have accepted some false idea about your inadequacy, or you have chosen to become a victim of your own life experience. Seek to expand beyond that.


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