Self-belief takes time

August 8, 2023

Self-belief takes time. Every soul is born with the ability and talent to manifest a magnificent life, but you don’t know how you will accomplish that or in what manner, and you also don’t know how your choices will affect your life and world.

We have given you information on specific dates, for we use your linear time, but you are also affected by the energies of your world, which is why you are alive now.

We gave you a message a year ago and a live conversation, and if you view both today, you will gain more self-belief, especially in the coming days.

August 8, 2022

Today, you will understand why we provided this message in 2012. We wanted you to come to know who you were as you moved through the restructuring of your life and world.

Most have difficulty believing in their purpose and the importance of their existence in your world now. More of you who hear our conversation today will have a head start on assimilating the message we provided. Do your best. 

August 8, 2012

Nothing that shows up in your physical life experience is too much for you to handle. It becomes important to remember that nothing that comes to you is random. Everything shows up to allow you to expand. It is then you who decides if you choose to grow or not.

When you decide to take advantage of that opportunity to expand, all the information, resources, abilities, and talents you require also show up. When you decide something is too much, that will be the case, not because it is ultimate reality, but because of your choice.

– Wilhelm

Here’s the recording.

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