You are not lost

August 6, 2023

You are not lost. And you never have been, no matter what you may have previously believed. You were born with a unique purpose and journey to fulfill, and it was comprised of everything you have lived, and it will be whatever you decide for your future now.

Every soul is connected to God, source, or all that is, and you merely forget your purpose, value, and worth. We have been guiding you to remember during your restructuring, which is why we provided an ascension guide and did so on specific days as we utilize your linear time much as you do. The only difference is we see and recognize your worth before you do.

The message we gave you in 2012 will combine nicely with our live conversation earlier in the week. We want more of you to love who you have become so you may create the life and world you want. Please be patient with yourself and your world. You will be fine. 

August 6, 2012

The irony of your physical life experience is that you come to find that what you were always searching for, you already possessed. While this may on its surface seem like a pointless pursuit you undertook, actually, precisely the opposite is true.

The process of searching itself is expansion or evolvement. Before coming onto the physical plane, you knew that having an imaginary, seemingly elusive goal would initiate and cause that expansion.

Ultimately, the pursuit always brings you back to the ultimate understanding that everything you need is within you.


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