You cannot fail now

August 5, 2023

You cannot fail now. We are taking some liberties with your language today and your use of linear time. The word fail is a human term and has nothing to do with who you are as an eternal benevolent soul. 

You came to the earth with a divine plan that is unfolding at this time to aid your evolution and the planetary ascension. You exist at a pivotal time in your life and your world, which we spoke of in our live conversation earlier this week. But now you stand before another upcoming portal that will allow you to expand and evolve, as well as your world.

Every experience you have had, every action you took, and every mistake you believe you made was crucial to bring you to this moment so you might access your accumulated wisdom and knowledge to add to your world. You will accomplish that when you love who you have become, release your past, and become willing to envision the life and world you want and access more of your dormant potential.

There is no soul born with more ability than you, and it only requires a change in your perception of yourself and your willingness to move beyond your fear and embrace who you are now. 

You are in the process of manifesting a beautiful future for yourself and the planet, and there is no better time than now for you to do so. We will continue to offer guidance. You will be fine. 


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