You can heal

July 29, 2023

You can heal. We mean you and your world, for they are the same. But when you decide to engage in your healing, not only do you live the life you always envisioned, but it provides you with the ability to recognize and utilize your innate gifts.

When you come to the physical plane, you do so with the agreements you accepted of the challenges and difficulties you might move through but also with the potential of evolving as you never thought possible, and it is the same for your world. But that requires your linear time, so we gave you a message on this date in 2012. 

The more of you who accept this message, the faster you and your world will heal. But the bonus for you will be your freedom and regaining your ability to love yourself and excel in every imaginable way. It is also the reason for our live conversation next week. We want you to accept and appreciate every aspect of you.

July 29, 2012

Any judgment you hold about another merely reflects some particular judgment you hold about yourself. The reason other person shows up in your physical life experience is so you might have the opportunity to practice forgiveness. 

While initially, you think you are “granting,” so to speak, that forgiveness to the other, you are actually giving that forgiveness to yourself.

When you remember that any form of judgment is merely a limitation blocking your current moment awareness, you can then seek greater awareness, which is your desired expansion.


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