You can make a bigger difference now

July 28, 2023

You can make a bigger difference now. We gave you a message on this date in 2012, for we especially wanted more of you to understand your importance in the world, the contributions you have made, and inspire you to move beyond any thoughts and beliefs you have carried that said you had failed, didn’t accomplish what you could have or somehow your life was a mistake. 

None of that occurred, and you discover that fact at the right time in your life and for your world as you exist now to aid in the restructuring of your world, and that can only occur when you accept who you have become, love who you are now, and that is also the reason for our live conversation with you next week. You will have a tremendous opportunity to advance your life and the ascension of your planet, and we will continue to offer guidance. You are never complete.

Everything you have done in your life and all you have done for others will be rewarded when you decipher, understand, and accept the following message. 

July 28, 2012

When much of your time and attention is focused on the difference you might make in another, you will notice what you might experience as difficulties and challenges become less.

When you examine this concept closely, the logic of it will emerge. First, anything you can do for another, you do for yourself, for you are all one. Secondly, when your attention is diverted from yourself, you have less opportunity to conjure up your fears and insecurities.

This principle does not mean that you only find virtue in the time you spend making a difference for another but that you also find a balance that serves you and all others.


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