Fear can help you now

July 27, 2023

Fear can help you now. That statement might seem illogical at first or at this time in your life and world. But when you remember you are an eternal spiritual being who possesses every ability to manifest an extraordinary life, the experience of fear will move you to love yourself. 

That has been our intention during this time of restructuring your life and world, but you usually require some motivation before you listen to us or your higher self, and the conditions of your life and world have caused more of you to do that now.

We encourage you to remember more today and in the coming days as your world makes more dramatic changes, all to inspire you to stop hiding who you are, practice more self-forgiveness, and move on with offering your gifts to the world. You have always had them, but they only appear when you decide to notice and honor them, which is the same process your world is accomplishing now but can only do so with your help. 

That is the reason for our live conversation next week. It was also the reason we wrote an article at the start of this linear year that you will better understand today and hopefully utilize and embody, for the world can not become what it is capable of becoming without you.


“The Full Moon – You can now accept who you have become – a Wilhelm conversation” August 1, 2023, 11:30 AM PST – Please join us!
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Enjoy the article. https://www.rogerburnley.com/the-meaning-of-your-life-2023-by-wilhelm

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