Self-judgment will be your difficulty

July 26, 2023

Self-judgment will be your difficulty. When we use the word judgment, we mean the labels of good, bad, right, or wrong that you have placed on yourself and then add that energy to your life and world. 

While you are on your physical life journey, those are not assessments you can make because you are continually operating with limited awareness. It is why you are moving through a restructuring in your world and why we gave you a message on this date in 2012 to aid you in raising your consciousness so you might benefit your world similarly.

We understand many of you have yet to understand your importance in manifesting your lives in a way that could affect your world, and your lack of acceptance of that fact is the reason for your global strife today. 

Your world will continue to shift, which is why we are having our live conversation with you next week. The following message and those that follow will lead you to evolve your awareness over time, but it is up to you to allow that to occur.

July 26, 2012

Every character trait you possess is perfect, has meaning and purpose, and helps you achieve your goal of expansion.

When you remember that before you came onto the Earth plane, you knew you were perfect as you were and merely desired to become more, this concept will make more sense. 

When you are born into the physical world, you begin to forget that information precisely to remember it throughout your physical lifetime, which is the process of expansion.

You would do well then to acknowledge those character traits you find unpleasant or distasteful to you and ask to know the value and meaning they hold for you as you evolve.


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