You are the undiscovered self

July 25, 2023

You are the undiscovered self. We mean you and your world, for you manifest both similarly. You do so over your time-space trajectory, and you chose a pivotal time in your world, meaning what you have to offer could make a tremendous difference in your life and world when you accept who you are and your gifts.

We are leading you to our live talk on your coming full moon for the more of you who choose to believe in yourselves and your capabilities and decide to create magnificent lives; the world you see now and the lives you experience will be the ones you desire, and you will have the world you want.

Those conditions only occur when you discover who you are, which is the work we have provided in our ascension guide. We gave you a message on this date in 2012, for we wanted you to connect that information with Carl Jung, which is why we used the title of his seminal book, “The Undiscovered Self.” It is readily available, and if you were to read or listen, you would understand he has described your life and world today even though it was written more than sixty-six years ago.

We gave you something in October 2022 that we had our messager write as he had to accept his undiscovered self as you each do, and your world will do the same with your assistance. No one is more important than you. 

July 25, 2012

Your physical life experience is your experience. In other words, when you decided to come onto the physical plane, it was with the intention to expand spiritually. In order to accomplish this, you knew you would attract and allow all the “right” events, circumstances, and people to show up for your benefit in that effort.

When you begin to understand and accept this premise, you also understand how self-defeating it becomes to bemoan anything that comes to you during your lifetime. You understand that all of it is to help you with precisely what you intended, which was your expansion and evolvement. It is all your experience.


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